How to backup and restore data

Steps to create database backup

  1. Go to the menu, by tapping on the menu button on the top right corner;
  2. Open settings tab and tap on the “Create data backup” menu item under “DATA BACKUP” section;
  3. Click on the “OK” button.




Steps to restore data from the backup

  1. Open setting tab and click on the “Restore data” menu item under “DATA BACKUP” section;
  2. Select data file that you want to restore;
  3. Click on “OK” button.




Where backup files can be found?

Backup files are placed into “com.monefy” folder, which is located in the root of device’s primary shared/external storage.


Backup folder on Mac
Backup folder on Android


Permissions on Android 6.0 and up

If you are using application on Android 6.0 and up Monefy will request permissions to access storage. If access was denied Backup and Restore functionality won’t work.
To be able to fix this issue please follow “Settings” -> “Apps” -> “Monefy” -> “Permissions”. Please visit this link for more information.


Backup permissions request dialog
Backup permissions settings


How to change app language

When opened first time Monefy will try to do it best to determine language based on system settings.

To change language:

    • Go to Setting > General Settings

      Menu, Settings, General settings, Language

    • Tap the Language menu item, select the language and confirm your selections by tapping OK button.

How to delete application data

Steps to delete application data

  1. Go to the menu, by tapping on the menu button in the top right corner;
  2. Open settings tab and tap on the “Delete database” menu item under “DATA BACKUP” section;
  3. Confirm operation by tapping “Yes” button int the confirmation dialog.


Settings tab
Delete database menu item
Delete database confirmation dialog


Please note that remote data will be removed too in case if dropbox synchonization is enabled during application data cleanup.


How to synchonize Monefy data between devices using Dropbox account

How to enable dropbox synchonization between devices

Monefy data synchonization is available between all supported platforms (Android, iOS, Windows phone).
At the moment it is only possible to sync data within a single/shared Dropbox account.
Monefy files can be found in the Dropbox folder


Please follow this steps to enable synchonization:

  1. Create a new Dropbox account if you do not have any yet;
  2. Go to “Monefy”->”Menu”->”Settings”->”SYNCHONIZATION” and tick “Dropbpox sync” check box;
  3. In the opened window enter your Dropbox account credentials;
  4. If for some reason you find your data not synced to other device please go to “Monefy”->”Menu”->”Settings”->”SYNCHONIZATION” and
    “Synchonize” button first on the source device and then on a device where data is missing.


Enable syntonization
Dropbox login screen
Manual syntonization